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Development Archives - October 12th

Renovation updates
  • The staircase adjacent to College St. is now complete and open for use.
  • The central plaza stairs are now closed for construction.
  • One elevator cab is currently closed for use, the other remains open. At no time during the project will both elevator cabs be out of use.
  • The alley leading from 4th Street to the campus is now closed for paver installation.
  • While there is work being performed adjacent to Red Eye Diner and Bowlero, both tenants remain open and are accessible by their front door.
  • The center of the plaza is now open to foot traffic.
  • The central alley with entry from College St. is now open.
  • The left alley with entry from College St. is also open and runs adjacent to the Tailored Smoke patio.

College St. stairs open to foot traffic.

Signage installed to inform Patrons of Tenants open for business.

Central alley adjacent to College St. open to foot traffic.

Left alley adjacent to College St. open to foot traffic.
Provides direct access to center of plaza, CVS, Bowlero, elevator, and Light Rail.

Center of plaza now open to foot traffic.
Photos show open access from alleyways to CVS, Bowlero, and Light Rail.
Note that to access front door of Bowlero, patrons should turn right at CVS entry.

One side of plaza elevator closed. Other side is open.
Elevator will remain accessible throughout construction.

Central plaza stairs closed for construction.

4th Street alleyway closed for paver installation.
Patrons directed to access Queen City Quarter via College Street or via garage elevator.